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Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Makeup Obsession

My New Makeup Obsession ?
Winged Eyeliner   


    Hey Loves ,
  When I first started wearing makeup when I was younger the first thing I messed around with or tryed to atleast was eyeliner . Sadly I was horrible at it ! :( tear tear ..
I was stuck with only outlining my water line .BUT as I got older I tried again ,and since I was so used to my hand being so steady from my makeup experience growing ,it was easier ,and I soon mastered doing eyeliner ! I never thought it would be possible ! LOL
 But I would like to share my knowledge with  you guys ! 

 How to Apply and Master the Winged Eyeliner Look ~

    1.    Create a thin or thick line across you lash line .(however dramatic you want your eyeliner to look depends on the thickness)       
    2. Extend a thin line from the outer corner creating a "wing" .
    3. Connect another line from the tail to the lash line .
    4. Lastly fill in the gap , and then your done !

What do I use ?
  There are many types of eyeliner you can use . 
   There's liquid eyeliner ,gel pots , pencil eyeliner ,markers , etc.
  But I tend to use my NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black  & WetnWild's Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner 

I personally love the effect of eyeliner,It can makes your eyes look wider,bigger or just give you a "cat eyed look ". I don't wear it on a daily basis but when I do I love it ! 
I hope I've helped in anyway like always .

                                                                            xoxo , Marina 

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