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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thick Eyebrows Over Rule The Thin .

                       Love Grows For Thick Eyebrows .

    Hey Loves , One thing that I always here about my appearance is "Marina your eyebrows are huge! " .
Some would take it as an insult and with all rights reserved , I take it as a compliment . I LOVE my thick eyebrows ! and to think I used to hate them , I now endure them. They are one of my favorite feature.
Eyebrows are an accessory and a statement ,they frame your face . Very Important !
Back in the day , very slim defined eyebrows were the deal . But blame it on Cara Delevingne ( Famous British Model ) , for seeing fuller ,thicker eyebrows . You can pretty much say that she kinda added fuel to the up and coming trend .
 How to get Fuller Eyebrows ?
  • Step away from those tweezers ! We all been there where your only looking to clean things up ,but you end up completely messing up your eyebrows . WELL unfortunately I've been through it a couple of times , Ha ! But thankfully ,it  can take 6-8 weeks for eyebrows to grow back , and in time you should stuff your tweezers in your junk drawer .
  • Fill them in ! When I first started filling in my eyebrows ,it was like a gift from god . I found a new weapon to keep my eyebrows out there ,and to shape my face even better. Use a brow shadow ,pencil or just an eyeshadow close to the shade of your eyebrows to fill in your eyerbows to create nice,soft ,angled look of eyebrows , but be careful not to shade them to much! you don't want your eyebrows to strong . the poin is to make your eyebrows natural ,not drawn on .
  • Treat your eyebrows to healthy oils ! Any oils such as coconut , avocado , or even vaseline can benefit ,and help grow your eyebrows out. Apply some every night before you go to bed , and before you know it ,You'll have nice fuller eyebrows !
                    Hope I've helped as always . xoxo ,Marina C. 

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