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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Black is the New Black .

Black is the New Black .
~Fashion Favorite~
Hey loves , I was literally wasting hours stuck in my room trying to figure out a new blog post .. I browsed magazines and Tumblr for inspiration but got nothinggg .I suddenly rose from bed and walked to my closet ,and opened it rummaging through my clothes ,then it suddenly hit me ..
"jesus ,why do I have so much black ?!?" I said to myself ,then I realized what blog post I was gonna do!I'm gonna explain why Black is my favorite thing to have in your closet and the most important !    


         To me black is the easiest thing to throw on ,there are so many ways you can work with it . It works for all body types,and it makes you look slimmer . Black is simple and sleek .Yet very modern and sexy .Wearing black has many benefits as you can see . Basically all I'm saying is that color is great to have in your closet but Black is a must in my eyes ! I hope I've helped in anyway as always !

                                                                                             xoxo ,Marina C.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Makeup Obsession

My New Makeup Obsession ?
Winged Eyeliner   


    Hey Loves ,
  When I first started wearing makeup when I was younger the first thing I messed around with or tryed to atleast was eyeliner . Sadly I was horrible at it ! :( tear tear ..
I was stuck with only outlining my water line .BUT as I got older I tried again ,and since I was so used to my hand being so steady from my makeup experience growing ,it was easier ,and I soon mastered doing eyeliner ! I never thought it would be possible ! LOL
 But I would like to share my knowledge with  you guys ! 

 How to Apply and Master the Winged Eyeliner Look ~

    1.    Create a thin or thick line across you lash line .(however dramatic you want your eyeliner to look depends on the thickness)       
    2. Extend a thin line from the outer corner creating a "wing" .
    3. Connect another line from the tail to the lash line .
    4. Lastly fill in the gap , and then your done !

What do I use ?
  There are many types of eyeliner you can use . 
   There's liquid eyeliner ,gel pots , pencil eyeliner ,markers , etc.
  But I tend to use my NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black  & WetnWild's Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner 

I personally love the effect of eyeliner,It can makes your eyes look wider,bigger or just give you a "cat eyed look ". I don't wear it on a daily basis but when I do I love it ! 
I hope I've helped in anyway like always .

                                                                            xoxo , Marina 

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Inspiration

      Hey Loves ,I just realized that February is here ! Man did January go fast .But I plan on doing a lot this year ,if thats bringing my grades up higher in school ,getting my first job,exploring the city more,getting fit or just my fashion sense evolving .I don't wait till next year to make a goal or try and succeed at something , like most people do . Nobody has time for that and in my eyes life is too short .I start fresh every month and use it for even more motivation ! I use my friends for support ,and more importantely TUMBLR ! I love using tumblr to find fashion ,fitness ,and lifestyle inspiration . And just seeing all those nice things onTumblr makes me work harded in school so I can get and earn those nice things , haha !
 I've made this collage of photos from my blog or what caught my eyes this morning ,wanting to use it for an Inspiration Collage .I wanted to share it with you guys ,so you can get a taste and see what some of my interests are .
This month if you can't see I love neutral colors like black ,white & gray ,and modernizing things ,with a twist . I wanted to add a fitness photo also because I have recently lost a lot of weight but want to become more lean ,and I think thats the perfect photo for motivation . Lately I've been loving Kylie Jenner's style and makeup looks ,and I look at her with so much love ,and look up to her at everything she does ! She is deff one of my favorites .
 But basically this is what I look for to in February , my goals being reached ,and me being rewarded for any hard work that gets done !
Hope my collage inspires as much as it does for me .
What do you look forward to in February ? What's your fave photo in my collage ?
Let me know in the comments !
                                                                                                               xoxo Marina C.