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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Black is the New Black .

Black is the New Black .
~Fashion Favorite~
Hey loves , I was literally wasting hours stuck in my room trying to figure out a new blog post .. I browsed magazines and Tumblr for inspiration but got nothinggg .I suddenly rose from bed and walked to my closet ,and opened it rummaging through my clothes ,then it suddenly hit me ..
"jesus ,why do I have so much black ?!?" I said to myself ,then I realized what blog post I was gonna do!I'm gonna explain why Black is my favorite thing to have in your closet and the most important !    


         To me black is the easiest thing to throw on ,there are so many ways you can work with it . It works for all body types,and it makes you look slimmer . Black is simple and sleek .Yet very modern and sexy .Wearing black has many benefits as you can see . Basically all I'm saying is that color is great to have in your closet but Black is a must in my eyes ! I hope I've helped in anyway as always !

                                                                                             xoxo ,Marina C.

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