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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Don't paint me Black ,If I used to be Golden "

Hey Loves! So the other day I bought this great shirt from Forever 21! And I loved it ever since I bought it .You ever have those moments shopping ,and you see something and your just like "Holy Jesus ,Thats is PERFECTION ,I need you ! "  ??Yeah I had that moment ,but here's the thing ! I got it from the Men's section ! HA ! I'v gotten soo many compliments already and I've only wore it Once! 


It has a Gold Damask pattern covering the black shirt .
I got it in a Small ,but it was still a little big since it was a Men's shirt .But I love it like that !
I wore it tucked under Black High Waisted Jeans and rolled up the sleeves because they were huge ,but I untucked so you guys were able to see it properly .
SO lesson of the story is Marina Loves wearing Men's Clothing ! hahaha 
What are you're guys favorite mens clothing items to pull off ?
Don't be shy to comment below !

Marina xoxo

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  1. Cute shirt! As long as you can pull it off, who cares if it's for men!

    Ray | Obey Ray